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How To Properly Clean Door Gaskets

Today we're going to talk about gasket maintenance. Gaskets are very important parts of refrigerators, coolers and freezers because the gasket forms a seal between the door and the door frame and keeps that warm air outside of the refrigeration compartment. When warm air does enter the refrigeration compartment it forces the machine to work harder than it needs to, this leads to higher operating cost and more maintenance cost.

So lets talk about cleaning this gasket. Cleaning gaskets is really quite simple, we only need a rag, a soft bristle brush, some water and a mild soap. Don't use a harsh soap, because that could cause the gasket to break down. Stretch the gasket out like this and sweep deep into those folds. We're looking to sweep all of the debris out of the gasket. When we've done that we'll take a rag and wipe the face of the gasket and we can even wipe underneath.

Now that we've cleaned our gasket it will keep the warm air from entering the refrigeration compartment and making the machine work harder than it has to or threatening our products. That's been gasket maintenance. Thanks for watching.