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Ice Harvest Components

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There are three main systems in an ice machine: refrigeration, water, and ice harvest. The refrigeration and water systems work together to build up a layer of ice, and then the ice is harvested and dropped into the bin. You will find these three elements in any modern ice machine. Whether you're looking to replace a probe motor or a clutch assembly, we will provide excellent customer service to ensure you have the exact part you need to repair your ice harvesting system.

Short Description: 
Your ice machine makes ice in cycles. Make sure each cycle starts right with these harvest components.
Image of the Ice-O-Matic 1051210-01A (replaces 2061962-01S) Probe Assembly

Ice-O-Matic 1051210-01A (replaces 2061962-01S) Harvest Probe Assembly - 115V 160 Degree

SKU: 1051210-01A
Distributor Stock
Image of the Ice-O-Matic 1051210-02A (replaces 2061962-02S) Probe Assembly

Ice-O-Matic 1051210-02A (replaces 2061962-02S) Harvest Probe Assembly - 230V 160 Degree

SKU: 1051210-02A
Distributor Stock
Image of the Ice-O-Matic 9171010-03 Gear Reducer

Ice-O-Matic 9171010-03 Gear Reducer

SKU: 9171010-03
Distributor Stock
Top view of the Ice-O-Matic1051210-03A (replaces 2061962-03S) Probe Assembly

Ice-O-Matic 1051210-03A (replaces 2061962-03S) Harvest Probe Assembly - 230V .312R

SKU: 1051210-03A
Distributor Stock
Image of the Ice-O-Matic 1051210-05A (replaces 2061962-05S) Probe Assembly

Ice-O-Matic 1051210-05A (replaces 2061962-05S) Harvest Probe Assembly - 115V 60 Degree

SKU: 1051210-05A
Distributor Stock
Image of the Ice-O-Matic 9161093-01 Auger Motor with tag

Ice-O-Matic 9161093-01 Auger Motor - 1/4 HP 115V

SKU: 9161093-01
Distributor Stock