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Castor Leveling Shims

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A cabinet that is not level can develop problems that may not be covered by warranty, including improper closing of doors that can lead to insufficient sealing of the cabinet and a breakdown of refrigeration components. To prevent these problems, it may be necessary to use shims to level out the cabinet as it sits on its castors. We work to get you even the simplest parts like shims as fast as possible because we know that your business depends on your equipment working properly.

Short Description: 
Shims may be necessary in order to level out your cabinet and prevent potential problems. We work to get you the shims you need as fast as possible!
Top view of the True 891336 leveling shim

True 891336 Castor Leveling Shim (Replaces True 872969)

SKU: 891336
Distributor Stock

True 872969 Castor Shim

SKU: 872969
In stock