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Product Identification Strips

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Conveying the prices of your products to your customers is an important part of making a sale. When customers can't find the prices for your products, they may be discouraged from purchasing them. Product ID strips allow you to display pricing in a prominent place on the front of the shelves that your products are stored on. Browse our catalog for the product ID strips you need for your unit.

Short Description: 
Mounting a prominently displayed product identification strip on your unit could be the final, necessary step to making a sale to your customer.
Image of the True 873774 price tag shelving strip

True 873774 Product ID Strip - 4’ Long by 1 1/4" Wide

SKU: 873774
In stock
Diagonal view of the True 916289 product ID strip

True 916289 Product ID Strip - 23 1/32" Long

SKU: 916289
Distributor Stock

Shelving - 916288

SKU: 916288
Distributor Stock
Image of True 926488 Product ID Strip - 48" Long by 1 1/4" Tall

True 926488 Product ID Strip - 48" Long by 1 1/4" Tall

SKU: 926488
Distributor Stock
An end of True's 812143 pricing strip

True 812143 Pricing Strip

SKU: 812143
Distributor Stock