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Rivnuts and Rivnut Tools

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Rivnuts are used to secure exterior parts, like lids and cutting boards, in spots where threaded holes are not available. Rivnuts are placed into a drilled hole and, using a rivnut tool, are forced to expand so that they can provide a sturdy and secure place for thumbscrews to be inserted. We offer both rivnuts and rivnut tools so that you can carry out necessary field installations on your unit.

Short Description: 
Rivnuts and rivnut tools are necessary for installations involving parts that must be mounted in places with no threaded holes. Order yours today!
Image of the True 874642 rivnut tool kit

True 874642 Rivnut Tool Kit

SKU: 874642
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 830909 Rivnut made by AVK Industrial Products

True 830909 - RNA832-75 Rivnut (8-32) by AVK

SKU: 830909
Distributor Stock