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Start and Run Component Kits

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Start and run components are the parts that work together to make the compressor function properly. The start capacitor and relay allow the compressor to turn over and the overload protects the compressor from being burnt out. When one of these parts fails it may be necessary to replace them all because it can be difficult to identify which part caused the problem. By ordering a start and run components kit you get all of these parts for one low price. That’s a deal that will save you both time and money!

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With the start and run component kit you get all the parts that you need at one low price! That's a savings that you can feel!
View of the True 880331 start component kit for the Tecumseh AEA440YXA compressor

True 880331 - AEA440YXA Start Component Kit by Tecumseh

SKU: 880331
Distributor Stock
Image of the start capacitor, overload, and relay that are included in the True 880329 start component kit

True 880329 Start Component Kit - Tecumseh AKA4460YXA Compressor

SKU: 880329
Distributor Stock
Image of all the parts in the True 880328 start component kit

True 880328 - AEA3425YXA Start Component Kit by Tecumseh

SKU: 880328
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 882017 start component kit

True 882017 Start Component Kit

SKU: 882017
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 882013 start component kit

True 882013 Start Component Kit

SKU: 882013
Distributor Stock

Start / Run Components - 884908

SKU: 884908
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 924437 start component kit

True 924437 Start Component Kit

SKU: 924437
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 915109 start component kit

True 915109 Start Component Kit

SKU: 915109
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 900571 start component kit

True 900571 Start Component Kit

SKU: 900571
Distributor Stock
Kits - 879159

Kits - 879159

SKU: 879159
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