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Lid Handles

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Lid handles on your units can be vulnerable to damage because they protrude out from the unit and can be easily bumped and knocked by people and other equipment. A unit with a broken handle can be frustrating to use, especially in a very demanding restaurant environment. Browse our catalog to find the replacement handle that you need for your unit to again perform to its highest potential.

Short Description: 
Using a unit with a broken lid handle is frustrating, especially in a demanding restaurant environment. Find the replacement you need in our catalog!
Image of True 996771 chrome plated lid handle with mounting screws

True 996771 Chrome Plated Lid Handle for Coolers and Prep Tables

SKU: 996771
Distributor Stock
Bottom view of True 830108 handle with screws

True 830108 Lid Handle - 2 3/4" Long

SKU: 830108
Distributor Stock