How To Clean a Condenser Coil

How To Clean a Condenser Coil

Oct 29th 2012 Written by Alex Knutson

In this video we are going to talk about how to clean the condenser on a True cooler. Depending on the particular model, you'll find the condenser in the back near the bottom, in front near the bottom, or at the top. Now I'm going to take the grate off and we will expose the condenser. This grill is held on by two screws and your grill will be held on similarly. The condenser is responsible for cooling the refrigerant that cycles through the refrigeration system. If the condenser doesn't cool the refrigerant, the refrigerant can't cool the inside of the cooler, freezer or refrigerator. A great deal of dust can build up on the condenser and this dust prevents the condenser from cooling that refrigerant.

So lets take a close look at cleaning the condenser. All this dirt on the condenser will drive up your energy costs and your maintenance bills, so lets get it cleaned off. There are two ways to cleaning a condenser We will start with a soft brush sweeping along with the fins. We can also use a shop vac to suck the dust out of the condenser fins. I like the shop vac better because it gets more of the dirt out from inside the condenser. Now that we've cleaned the condenser it will support the operation of the entire refrigerator, cooler, or freezer. We recommend cleaning the condenser monthly.

This has been how to clean the condenser. Thanks for watching!

Oct 29th 2012 Alex Knutson

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