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At the heart of your unit's refrigeration system is its condensing unit, and the most central component of the condensing unit is the compressor. Without the compressor, the refrigerant would have no way of being moved through the refrigeration system, and the cabinet would not be cooled. Moisture and other outside elements can seriously damage a compressor, which makes it vital that you have the correct compressor installed properly in your unit. Browse our catalog and feel free to give us a call to find the right compressor for your unit.

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Right side and front view of the True 842050 (Tecumseh AEA4440YXA) compressor

True 842050 - AEA4440YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842050
Only 4 in stock. Better hurry!
Close up of the front and the specification label on the True 842405 compressor by Tecumseh (AKA4460YXA)

True 842405 - AKA4460YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842405
Only 2 in stock. Better hurry!
View of front and left mounted start/run components on the True 842406 compressor by Tecumseh AKA4476YXA

True 842406 - AKA4476YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842406
Only 7 in stock. Better hurry!
Front view of the True 842509 compressor manufactured by Embraco Aspera (NEK6212Z) with left side attached start and run components

True 842509 - NEK6212Z Compressor by Embraco Aspera

SKU: 842509
Only 3 in stock. Better hurry!
Image of the front side and specification sticker on the True 842053 compressor manufactured by Tecumseh (AEA3425YXA)

True 842053 - AEA3425YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842053
Only 3 in stock. Better hurry!
Image of the True 963040 compressor by Tecumseh (TPA9421YXA)

True 963040 - TPA9421YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 963040
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 842092 compressor made by Tecumseh AJA2425ZXA

True 842092 - AJA2425ZXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842092
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 925003 compressor manufactured by  Embraco (J2212GKT)

True 925003 - J2212GKT Compressor by Embraco

SKU: 925003
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 925049 compressor by Tecumseh (TPA0413YXA)

True 925049 - TPA0413YXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 925049
Distributor Stock
View of the back of the True 842091 compressor by Tecumseh (AEA2411ZXA)

True 842091 - AEA2411ZXA Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842091
Distributor Stock