True 820799 Wicking Pad Kit - 25" Long Bar

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When frost buildup on the evaporator is melted off by the defrost heater, the condensation that is produced is sent to the condensate pan at the bottom of the unit. Without wicking pads like those found in the True 820799 wicking pad kit, the pan could overflow as a result of slowed evaporation of the liquid. Wicking pads work with the drain pan heater to promote the evaporation of drained water so that the pan doesn't have to constantly be removed and emptied. The True 820799 wicking pad kit includes five 831920 wicking pads and one 862006 25" wicking pad holder bar. If you need just the bar, click here, and, if you need just the wicking pad, click here. Click here if you need the drain pan that works with this kit.

  • True Part Number: 820799
  • Size:25" long bar
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12/14/2018 12:28:47 AM

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True 820799 Wicking Pad Kit - 25" Long Bar

There was no instruction guide included. The wicking pads were rather long compared to the depth of the collection pan. We ended up laying the wicking pads at an angle. Not sure if this is the correct installation method.

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