True 810854 Drawer Gasket - 22 1/2" Wide by 12 3/8" Long

Image of the True 810854 drawer gasket with a cross section view
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Gaskets can become worn and cracked over time, which is why it's always important to regularly check their condition. If you notice that the door gasket on your TSSU-48, TSSU-72, TUC-48, or TWT-48 is cracked, brittle, or beginning to pull away from the base, then replace it with the True 810854 drawer gasket. The True 810854 replacement drawer gasket measures 22 1/2" long by 12 3/8" wide. Feel free to call and talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service associates if you are unsure that this is the correct gasket for your True unit.

  • True Part Number: 810854
  • Size: 22 1/2" long by 12 3/8" wide