True 802113 - P82498-1 Relay by Tecumseh

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The True 802113 (Tecumseh P82498-1) relay for your True refrigerators and freezers follows in the footsteps of the first relays invented in the 1830s. Relays were first widely used in the telegraph industry as amplifiers to make the weak signal transmitted across great distances louder. Relays like the True 802113 (Tecumseh P82498-1) are switches that open or close a circuit based on the commands of another switch. They allow the switch directly operated by the user to be small and easy to use. Relays also allow for simple, reliable wiring in your True refrigeration cabinet. The True 802113 (Tecumseh P82498-1) works on several compressors and may be marked with the following part numbers depending on the manufacturer: GE-82481-1, 8200EMBJ97 150-90275 304 AKA9434AXA (AK159AT) & AKA4460YXA (AK168AT) AKA9441AXA (AK163AT) AKA4476YXA (AK169AT).

  • True Part Number: 802113
  • Manufacturer: Tecumseh, Embraco, GE
  • Manufacturer Model Number: See Description
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