True 800571 - ELXc 254.865 Ballast by Vossloh Schwabe

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12 lbs
36 in
8 in
10 in


Fluorescent lighting provides significant advantages in refrigeration because fluorescent lights do not produce the heat that their incandescent predecessors did. Ballasts like the True 800571 (Vossloh Schwabe ELXc 254.865) are an important part of your freezer’s fluorescent lighting system because they start and regulate the flow of current through the fluorescent bulb. A bright interior makes your products enticing to your customers and easier for your employees to use the equipment. Avoid being left in the dark by ordering a new True 800571 replacement ballast by Vossloh Schwabe (ELXc 254.865) today. This ballast will run two 54 watt T5HO lamps.

  • True Part Number: 800571
  • Manufacturer: Vossloh Schwabe
  • Manufacturer Model Number: ELXc 254.865
  • Reference Number: 188143
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