True 800511 - RC-2S102-TPIM Ballast by Philips Advance

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11.75 lbs
16 in
10 in
4 in


The fluorescent lighting system in your True refrigerator requires a ballast like the True 800511 by Philips Advance (RC-2S102-TPIM) to provide light in the cooler. The True 800511 (Philips Advance RC-2S102-TPIM) ballast serves to start the ark of current that flows through the gas-filled fluorescent bulb, causing the bulb to produce light. The ballast also helps to regulate how much power is allowed to flow through the fluorescent bulb, making the ballast essential to the lighting system of your unit. The True 800511 by Philips Advance (RC-2S102-TPIM) has 36" black and white leads and replaces the 800535 and 8G3998W. Additionally, it can replace the YQC-2S102-TP by adding an 801360 transformer on 220V models.

  • True Part Number: 800511
  • Manufacturer: Philips Advance
  • Manufacturer Model Number: RC-2S102-TPIM
  • Reference Number: 188143
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