Ice-O-Matic 9051537-01 Water Return Trough

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1.43 lbs
28 in
8 in
5 in


The Ice-O-Matic 9051537-01 water trough is commonly used on C EC and ICE series ice machines.

  • Ice-O-Matic Part Number: 9051537-01

The Ice-O-Matic 9051537-01 fits on:

C106, C20, C30, C40, C50, C61, C66, EC1006, EC200, EC300, EC400, EC500, EC606, EC806, ICE0250, ICE0250A, ICE0250W, ICE0305, ICE0305A, ICE0305W, ICE0400, ICE0400A, ICE0400W, ICE0405, ICE0405A, ICE0405W, ICE0406, ICE0406A, ICE0406W, ICE0500, ICE0500A, ICE0500R, ICE0500W, ICE0605, ICE0605A, ICE0605R, ICE0605W, ICE0606, ICE0606A, ICE0606R, ICE0606W, ICE0805, ICE0806, ICE0806-A, ICE1005, ICE1006, ICE1007, ICE125-S, ICE195-S

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