Restaurant Equipment Parts Price Match Guarantee Policy

Restaurant Equipment Parts: Price Match Guarantee

Welcome to Restaurant Equipment Parts! We’re glad you’re here. Buying online is a great option for consumers, and we believe that savvy shoppers should be rewarded for their efforts. We work hard to earn your trust and build a lasting partnership with you. In addition to protecting your privacy, clearly detailing our terms of use, and helping you choose the right part, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee to provide you with an affordable and enjoyable online shopping experience. Here’s how it works: if you find a better total price on a part from any other online retailer, we will match it. As with any price match policy, there are some stipulations, so all price match requests will be subject to our review process. Ready to fill out your price match request? Go straight to our Price Match Request Form.

Price Match Guarantee Review Process:

  • We will compare the total price of a requested part, which will be calculated to include all shipping and handling charges, taxes, and fees. This ensures we are comparing apples to apples. In order to best compare the cost of our parts with the cost our competitors’ parts, we need to factor in all costs associated with the purchase of the part. This helps us determine if a competitor’s total sale price for a part is actually less than our advertised price. Once the total price is calculated, we will beat the lowest valid competitor’s total price by one percent.

  • We will require documentation of a lower price in order to exercise our Price Match Guarantee. The quotation must address all costs, including shipping, handling, sales tax, and additional fees. Quotations will be accepted by mail, email, or fax, and may contain either the full quotation in print or a link to a competitor’s website where the final price may be ascertained by one of our customer account managers.

  • We will research the quotation to ensure its validity once documentation has been received. In the off-chance the total price is better than our advertised price, the customer account manager who is handling your order will adjust the price of the part to reflect the competitor’s total price (as determined by our customer account manager) less one percent.

  • We reserve the right not to honor a price match if any of the following conditions are met:

    • The competitor is deemed an unreliable source (e.g., not an authorized dealer or distributor for the manufacturer of the part, not an actively maintained website, etc.).

    • The part on the competitor's site is out-of-stock or otherwise unavailable.

    • The competitor is deemed not to be a direct competitor (e.g., auction and auction-style sites, including, but not limited to, eBay, penny auction sites, etc.; conglomerate sites, including, but not limited to, Google Shopping, Amazon, Price Grabber, etc.; or free-for-all directory listing sites, including, but not limited to Craigslist, etc.).

    • The manufacturer of the part has published a price increase within 30 calendar days of the date on which the Price Match Guarantee is exercised.

    • The part we advertise is not an exact match with the competitor’s part (e.g., different model number or SKU, different condition, different age in inventory, different production revision, etc.).

    • The origin or destination address for the part is outside the 48 contiguous United States of America.

    • The competitor’s primary location is outside the 48 contiguous United States of America.

  • In the rare instance that we cannot beat a competitor's price without taking a loss, we will offer to sell the item at cost plus shipping, taxes, etc.

  • We match prices in real time. If an order is not placed at the time of the price match, the validity of the match may need to be re-verified at time of actual purchase.

It’s our goal to provide you with an affordable and enjoyable shopping experience, and we hope our price match guarantee seals the deal. If you have any questions on this price match guarantee policy, please contact us at:

  • (888) 837-7891
  • Restaurant Equipment Parts
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