Vitamix 15107 Replacement Isolation Gasket for On-Counter Quiet One

Image of the Vitamix 15107 Replacement Isolation Gasket
Important! - Please provide the serial number (i.e. 1-2345678) and model number (i.e. GDM-5, T-49, etc) for your unit in the comment section at time of checkout if you want us to confirm the part's compatibility with your unit. Both of these numbers are found on a tag generally located on the left interior wall of the cabinet. This video will help explain where to find this information.
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The Vitamix 15107 Isolation Gasket is an essential component to your Quiet One. Without it, the Quiet One is, well, not quiet. If there is a tear in the gasket or if it's misshapen, it needs to be replaced.

The Vitamix 15107 fits on:

  • 36019