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Switches used in commercial restaurant equipment vary in type and function, but they are all similar in that they are important components that should be replaced when they malfunction. Whether you need a defrost termination switch, high temperature cutoff switch, rocker switch, or toggle switch, we do our best to offer you the replacement switch you need for your restaurant equipment.

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Top view of True 800316 Defrost Termination Switch by Therm-O-Disc

True 800316 - 37T23 Defrost Termination Switch by Therm-O-Disc

SKU: 800316
Distributor Stock
View of the mounting bracket and leads of the True 800360 (Therm-O-Disc 37T21)

True 800360 - 37T21 High Temp Cutoff Switch by Therm-O-Disc

SKU: 800360
Distributor Stock
View of the bottom and wires on the True 831999 high temperature cutout switch

True 831999 - 37t21 x-2388f High Temperature Cutout Switch

SKU: 831999
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 831934 defrost termination switch

True 831934 - 37T23 - Defrost Termination Switch

SKU: 831934
Distributor Stock