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Door Frame Heaters

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Door frame heaters in commercial refrigeration equipment keep condensation and frost from building up around the door frame of the unit. These heaters contribute to the efficiency of your unit and the preservation of your products by helping to ensure that the seal between your door and cabinet remains clean and tight. Browse our catalog today and find replacement door frame heaters for your restaurant equipment.

Image of the True 801821 braided heater wire

True 801821 Glass Fiber Braided Heater Wire - 258 1/2"

SKU: 801821
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 802384 braided heater wire

True 802384 Braided Heater Wire - 269"

SKU: 802384
Distributor Stock
Image of True 801831 Braided Heater Wire - 98" Longv

True 801831 Braided Heater Wire - 98" Longv

SKU: 801831
Distributor Stock
Image of the True 802308 braided heater wire

True 802308 Braided Heater Wire - 178"

SKU: 802308
Distributor Stock