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At the heart of your unit's refrigeration system is its condensing unit, and the most central component of the condensing unit is the compressor. Without the compressor, the refrigerant would have no way of being moved through the refrigeration system, and the cabinet would not be cooled. Moisture and other outside elements can seriously damage a compressor, which makes it vital that you have the correct compressor installed properly in your unit. Browse our catalog and feel free to give us a call to find the right compressor for your unit.

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At the heart of your unit is its compressor. We work to offer a variety of compressors so you can get the replacement you need as quickly as possible.
Image of the True 842179  compressor by Tecumseh (AJA7494ZXD)

True 842179 - AJA7494ZXD Compressor by Tecumseh

SKU: 842179
Distributor Stock
Side view Ice-O-Matic 9181121-11 Replacement Compressor Kit

Ice-O-Matic 9181121-11 Compressor Kit

SKU: 9181121-11
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